Time Tracking Software to Keep an Eye on Your Employees PTO

Time Tracking Software to Keep an Eye on Your Employees PTO

Are you having trouble keeping records of your employee absence? Having trouble calculating their Paid Time Off? Keeping track of employee’s day offs and calculating how many days each employee has left can be hard. Especially if you are a growing company and have to manually record all the data. With the Time Tracking Software you won’t have to do anything at all. Add your employee’s on the system and it will calculate how many days paid leave employees have, how many they have used, and how many are still remaining. There are many time tracking software available on the market today, below are some examples to help you evaluate their usefulness.


This software is specifically for helping manage absences, time offs and paid leaves. It allows the employee to request time off digitally, and the employee can accept or reject with a click of the button. It allows company to set the PTO policy of their choice, and to manage employee time with ease. The time clock embedded in the software keeps employer updated on each of their employee clock in time, clock off time, number of hours worked that day and number of hours worked in a week. Time Sheets clearly show to the employer what the employee has done and allows them to give employees permission to work from home, because they can keep track of their movements.


This is a software that can be downloaded and managed on different platforms like mobiles, laptops, notebooks, notepads etc. It gives employee’s access to online Time Clocks which they can use on their phone to log in and out, when they are working. Employees having manual work outside office can get the most benefit because this software would help them track their time in present, rather than having to get back to office at the end of the day and spend extra time just writing down what was done that day. This software not only tracks and manages employee’s time, employee scheduling software will help you calculate time off to the number of hours, if so desired.

Time Clock Wizard:

This is a free time clock and employee scheduling software. It also allows employers to track their employee so that work missed due to unpaid leaves can be covered with extra time. The use of Time Sheets allows employers to keep track of overtime. The software itself calculates employee’s time offs, leaves and absences, to generate monthly payroll and time off benefits.

Time Tracking Software to Keep an Eye on Your Employees PTO

Time-Off Manager:

This software solely manages employee’s PTO. It can be used by three different people in the organization; admins, employees and managers. On requests for time off, it generates emails to all users when they are rejected, accepted or cancelled. It allows for open communication within the organization where everyone is aware of the absences of the day. No time is spend by administration or other employees looking for ‘Person A’ who is on leave, since notification is send to everyone.

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