Time Tracking Software: Freelancers and Business Owners’ Work Buddy

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When we think of Time Tracking Software, the first thing that comes to mind is keeping track of employees. While it is a useful tool for tracking employee time, it usefulness extends to Freelancers and Business owners as well. Most freelancers would ask why they would need a time tracking software, when they manage and set their own time. Business owners would protest that they have secretaries, employees, and their trusty daily schedule dairy, to keep track of their work. I say why not make your life easier and have one tool to manage and track your time, rather than doing work on a whim, or having 5 people tell you what you have to do next. I have detailed below advantages for time tracking software for Freelancers and Business Owners.


For a freelancer work is solely paid on an hourly or fixed basis. Everyone has deadlines but freelancers have the ability to set their own deadlines and hourly work. If a freelancer is not aware of how much time each work, each task is utilizing, how can they accurately assess the time they would need to finish a project? Time clock would allow them to clock in and out to calculate the number of hours they worked for payment for the time worked.

For freelancers dealing with multiple projects, Time sheet calculator would help them map out the work they have done and they work they need to do further to better understand which projects they are behind on.

Time Clock would also help freelancers calculate which project is taking more time, so that time can be taken out to manage and finish work. It helps freelancers keep track of multiple deadlines with notification if a deadline is near, and Time Sheets to analyze the work that needs to be done or an urgent basis, and that which is important.

Business Owner’s:

Business owners have need many people keeping track of their time. A modified Employee scheduling software, would take over the work of a secretary and allow you to make a schedule of the work done, work that needs doing, and the work being done in present time.

Time Clocks can be used to keep track of your work, so that time does not get away with you. It would help with time management. Notifications can also inform you of your next appointment, and deadlines for different projects.

Work From Home

These tools are available at a price and their free or trial versions are also aware. You can cut down your cost by removing manual work done by different people and putting just the cost of the software.

There are also software that can reduce the need of a full time personal accounting clerk. Online apps would keep track of the money being transferred and would create automatic invoices.

The software available can also automatically compute monthly income and generate amounts that need to be paid for personal tax. It makes taxing easy.

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