Some Advantages of Time Tracking for Employees

If you are considering bringing in time tracking for employees, but aren’t too sure if a free time clock will do everything you need it to, we have some top tips to help make the process smooth.

Why would I consider online employee scheduling software?

We all hunt for revenue- it’s the main function of a business. Yet very few businesses take the steps they could to improve their own internal processes to optimise revenue generation. We look keenly for customers and markets, and don’t remember to make sure our house is tidy before we do so.

Employees don’t always have your businesses best interests at heart. ‘Time theft’ is one good reason to consider a free time clock. Many workers are guilty- extended smoke breaks, ‘stepping out’ for extended periods, lunch breaks that don’t fit contract hours and more. These simple unproductive habits can, over time, have a significant impact on the business’s bottom line. If time tracking for employees exists, it’s usually sloppy and half hearted, relying on memory and inefficient paper. Here’s a few reasons you should make fixing this a priority this year.

Payroll looking complicated?

Manual forms of time tracking for employees become cumbersome to work with. It’s also incredibly easy to make mistakes. The less time you have to spend on payroll [the number one user of time that doesn’t generate income] the better for the business.  Online employee scheduling software can go miles towards making this easier for you. It also helps make the office more paperless.

Staff not working when they should?

Even the most diligent of staff members can fall prey to temptations like buddy punching and a little extra lunch hour to run errands. These forms of time theft can easily be routed out with a free time clock and employee scheduling software.

Route out another source of error.

To err is human- so take away some of the human component, and you automatically have less error. Misplaced hours, lost overtime and more can not only be costly, but will also impact on staff relations. If you’re relying on human memory to compute overtime and shifts, the situation will be even worse. Let employee scheduling software handle this for you, and relax.

Keep your data handy and stay legal

If your employees were to ask how many hours they worked last month- or the Fed ask if you are complying with fair labour laws- could you answer? A free timesheet calculator can solve that issues in a jiffy.

Centralisation and growth

If you grow, can your paper system keep up with you? Thought not. Meanwhile, employee scheduling software can grow and adapt to a business of any size. It will also allow you to centralise all your data in one database for easy access by all concerned parties

We’re sure you can see the myriad benefits of using time tracking for employees that works in the digital space.

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